Warta Talk

Bringing media people with different cultures together * First published on ABC News BACK STORY (Tumblr).  April 2016 The first one raised the issue of the live cattle trade, relations between the new leaders of Jokowi and Turnball, and a new left-leaning political movement in Jakarta, while the second focussed on terrorism, the extremist movement in Indonesia and comparisons with Australia’s situation. Next up was a fascinating view of corruption in Indonesia and the current power plays which have made civil society concerned. These are the conversations that have come up over the past 4 months in a new, informal gathering of media types in Melbourne. Indonesia is never dull. It is one of Australia’s closest neighbours and a gateway into Asian culture. It sits in a strategic position in the region and is going through all the difficult gear changes that are seen in a new democracy. It has the energy of a young demographic which is chafing against entrenched

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